Openx troubleshooting & errors under Ampps

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OpenX stylesheets not working?  

/openx/www/admin/assets/min.php?g=oxp-css-ltr&v=2.8.11 not working in chrome?

If accessing this URL directly works fine but not when called within a page, make sure AdBlock extension is disabled for the domain in question.

Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::quoteIdentifier()

Likely a database connection error where the user doesn't have permission to access.     

If you installed OpenX via Ampps Softaculous, it may auto generate a db password that does not get properly escaped within the OpenX config file or its not added to MySQL correctly.     


  1. Change the MySQL User password in the database 
  2. Update the db password within softaculous.conf file in openx/var directory