Public speaking

15 Ways to Give a Killer Presentation

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  1. Know your audience. Wrong context or topic won’t resonate with them.
  2. Know the impact on your audience. Think about how your presentation will benefit your audience. Give them advice? Provide insights that they weren’t aware of?
  3. Build your Story Flow.
    1. strong opener – ask a rhetorical question, tell a joke, vote by a show of hands, tell a story
    2. body – Talk about the problem, show evidence or stats, then propose a solution
    3. finish – strong finish with another joke or story but leave them with an action or a catch phrase that they will remember.
  4. Keep your slides snack-sized. 1 Idea or key point per slide. Don’t cram in tons of text.
  5. Don’t repeat bullets or just read the presentation verbatim.
  6. Format your slides to have variation. Don’t make every slide look the same.
  7. Use visual aides. Charts, GIFs, memes, Videos under 60 seconds.
  8. Avoid Jitters by visualizing a successful presentation and be positive!
  9. Avoid words that convey uncertainty like Hope, I think, Perhaps, Maybe.
  10. Throughout the presentation, use captivating questions or rhetoricals (when you don’t expect them to answer. Ex: What can we learn from this?)
  11. Audience involvement or participation. “Come up and show me or point out…”
  12. Pause before making a big point to build the anticipation.
  13. Speakly slowly. Don’t ramble off too fast. Give it space to breathe and your audience a chance to digest or think in between points.
  14. Use pitch variations in your voice. Don’t be monotone.
  15. Recap with an overview slide.