Songs that might make you cry

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A song that has moved me or made me tear up may not have the same effect on another person.   It depends on where you are at mentally, emotionally and whether you are doing through challenges in your life but timing is also everything.   For others, its all about the lyrics.   For me, I don’t need any lyrics at all but more the musical expression or movement.     Here’s a list of songs that have made me tear up at one point in time and some context.

Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenthal

This song was perfectly timed while driving through beautiful landscapes.   I was overwhelmed by the landscapes and the song perfectly described the happy yet loving moment of celebrating life on this beautiful planet.

Ulrich Schnauss – In All the Wrong Places

Yet again another perfect song to listen to which was my “light at the end of the tunnel” song.   I was going through some personal challenges in 2015 and this song brought comfort and whispered in my ear that “everything will be alright”.

Johnny Cash – Hurt

There was no better person to cover that song than the man in black!    The pain in his voice captured his rough past perfectly.

Michael Andrews, Gary Jules – Mad World

My first time hearing this version was when I watched Donnie Darko.   Instantly fell in love with this version!

Peter Gabriel – Book of Love

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

Radiohead – Exit Music


There are so many others out there and will update this list later.