PartnerAccess is a web-based PIM that allows manufacturers to integrate directly into our product data production process and distribution network and assists manufacturers in providing their customers
with uninterrupted and timely access to product information. Through the use of an online portal, manufacturers can automate and streamline each step of the product content management process. From content creation and launch, through product content delivery and tracking, manufacturers can now easily and effectively manage product information in the channel. Manufacturer product information gets delivered to the channel through Content Solutions’ premium DataSource™ service.

• Create new product SKUs for the market
• View and provide feedback on the product information we produce
• Identify which retailers use CNET Content Solutions for a specific SKU
• Identify channel partners who use CNET Content Solutions by market
• Communicate end of life products that are no longer in production
• Upload marketing text and related product data

• Improve quality and completeness of product information — Timely access to
product information to resolve incomplete data
• Experience more timely product launches — Get products to market faster
• Increase cost efficiencies — Update once and disseminate to more than 2,100 leading channel partners in U.S.
and Europe