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Openx troubleshooting & errors under Ampps

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OpenX stylesheets not working?   /openx/www/admin/assets/min.php?g=oxp-css-ltr&v=2.8.11 not working in chrome? If accessing this URL directly works fine but not when called within a page, make sure AdBlock extension is disabled for the domain in question. Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::quoteIdentifier() … Continued

Class: Finfo not found

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While installed some open source libraries and packages, I was getting Finfo class not found.   This was being called by symfony's framework for a project. Easy fix:  Edit php.ini and uncomment the extension php_fileinfo.dll and restart Apache

My Webhost Search

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So I've been irritated with Dreamhost lately due to outages and poor performance. Webhostinghub seemed to be almost 50% cheaper and clearly much better reviews as Host #2 in the ranks. I was about to make my purchase until I … Continued